Tuesday, 9 July 2013

I love (hate) packing.

In a week I’m there. I’ll be spending long hours deciding whether to nap or shop the summer sales…la la la. 

Now back to reality. I have SO much to do this week, it’s like being in an episode of the Amazing Race. There’s the usual stuff, passports, medication check in case they don’t make Corenza, itinerary mailed to everyone I know just in case I don’t come back and they need to launch a search and rescue mission, little plastic bottles to decant products into, suitcase lock, check to see whether hotel has hair dryer, you get the picture…

But then there’s also ALL of baby D’s stuff to organize. Food for a week, calculating how many frozen blocks I’ll need per day, are their enough Panado drops? Does he have enough winter clothing, cause you know it’s going to snow while I’m away. He’ll be at granny’s so transport for the nanny, food for the nanny, a note to the nanny reminding her that he must have a nap every day when I’m away. Brief to my husband about heating food, no standing in the bath (the baby not him), routine, read to him, play with him, hug him LOTS and LOTS more than usual because I'm away :( Lol. 

I’m tired. BUT I’m EXCITED! Yays!

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