Monday, 31 October 2011

My ♥ stopped at this winged eyeliner.

Wow! This is too beautiful. I came across this picture on A cup of Jo, one of my favourite blogs. I would love love love to be able to do this look for night out. Very chic, very sexy. Here's a quick how to:

Tip 1: Use a light eye pencil to create a sketch of how your "wings" will look. This way, you can easily make corrections by erasing with a Q-Tip. The line should start as thin as possible and grow fatter and fatter toward the outer corner of your eye (you'll trace over it with liquid liner later, and many liquid liners are shaped like calligraphy pens, which'll help you nail the perfect thickness). How far your wings go is up to you (it depends on your eye shape, face shape, personality), but keep in mind that a few centimeters go a longway, and less is usually more.
Tip 2: Step away from the mirror for a couple minutes, then come back. You should be able to tell right away if your eyeliner looks symmetrical on both sides. If it doesn't, erase and adjust. If you really have trouble getting the angles of your wings to match up, trace a business card--that's a trick Gwen Stefani's makeup artist, Kathy Jeung, told me once, and somehow it really does help!
Tip 3: Trace over the pencil with liquid liner, resting your elbow on a table to help keep your hand steady.

(Tips from here)

Thursday, 27 October 2011

My ♥ stopped at Puma Sakina.

I got an invite to the Puma Sakina event on Tuesday night and lemme tell you I was not disappointed!

First the low down:

Sakina M’sa has partnered with Puma to create 100 limited edition Grip bags, made completely from workers' overalls. The bag, pays homage to French workers and will be released worldwide. M’sa, whose company offers work opportunities for the unemployed, was one of the 2010 recipients of the Social Entrepreneur Award. 

I love a good story, or make that a story about good people in the world. Puma offered us ladies 45% off the items in the store, which naturally made my heart sing and I couldn't help but do a happy dance in the store. Which was completely overshadowed by an actual dance-off that took place for a fabulous prize. 

Now onto the snacks. Nothing makes me happier than a mini burger and I was definitely not one of those people standing around pretending they aren't starving at 6pm. And there were macaroons, an important addition to any modern day launch right? 

All in all a fabulous evening, filled with fabulous local 'celebs' and plebs (like me). Do invite us back Puma. Thanks.

Insert great music (via giant speaker)

iPad made an appearance (and Champers too)

1 of my many faves

Love a lady sneak!

Sakina exhibit A

You won me over with the Lindt Mousse

Monday, 24 October 2011

My ♥ stopped when I got this in my inbox this morning.

A wedding is a party, not a performance.
If at the end of the day you are married to the one you love,
then everything went perfectly.

Beautiful pic from here.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

My ♥ stopped when I saw these photographs.

Deciding on a photographer for the wedding was super difficult. Even more difficult because I'm marrying someone who's been in front of the camera for 14 years. And then I discovered Eric Uys. He calls it "photo-journalism", I call it perfect. Obviously every wedding will have the obligatory posed photos and those are normally the ones your granny loves to hang in the hallway. But then you get the special photos when a moment is captured, when people aren't watching and the feeling of the day is suddenly right there with you again. We decided not to have a videographer, but instead spend more on the photographer. I look forward to posting our wedding pics for all of you to see :)

Visit Eric's blog here. He's truly amazing. 

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Monday, 17 October 2011

My ♥ stopped at Still Life.

Still Life is by far my favourite decor store. In fact, my living room looks like a Still Life catalogue. There are always the latest prints and a wide range of pillows and lampshades, how cute is the bunny? Awww. Go check out Still Life in Long Street or at Cape Quarter. I say beautiful!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

My ♥ stopped when I saw these cuties.

Lovelies how do feel about children at weddings? The big day is fast approaching now and I'm getting SO excited! Do you think that people should be allowed to bring their children? There are both positives and negatives in my mind and in the end I settled for no children. They make the most beautiful flower girls, and I imagined that I would have a little one in a ballet outfit as part of the bridal party, but then I really got thinking. If you invite the littles, then the parents lose out. Have you ever watched the mother of a 2 year old at a wedding before? All they end up doing is running after their child with the look of terror on their faces. And then they land up going home early. It's controversial but I think that every once in a while, a mom and dad need the night off, and by night off I mean a night to let loose and be free to dance into the wee hours of the morning. What do you think? Is this a selfish decision? xxx

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

My ♥ stopped at This Is Not New.

So I found a beautiful site this morning. It's called This Is Not New, best you check it out. When I die, there will be one of the above handbags waiting for me in heaven. And if they threw in the white dress that would also be nice. The top pic is very Sarah Jessica isn't it? Looovely. 

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

My ♥ stopped at Country Road.

So I wandered into Country Rd on the weekend, like you do when you're meant to be grocery shopping.And I found this little number.There is a serious lack of nice sleepwear in Cape Town. You either get the Disney pants or total sexy vibe, and there really isn't much in-between. That's why I love the Country Road range, like this little jumpsuit, super comfortable and somewhat understated. The colours are always great too! Retails for R399 so won't break the bank either. Too cute!

My ♥ stopped when I read this.

(Found here)