Thursday, 13 September 2012

My ♥ stopped at the Baby Sense Seminar.

Last Saturday I dragged my husband to the Grand Westin Hotel in Cape Town for the Baby Sense Seminar. It was recommended to me by a friend and considering we aren't going to antenatal classes, I thought I'd go to this quick crash course in newborns.

The tickets were R260 and we bought them off the Baby Sense website (here). I thought I'd be the biggest preggie lady there but was pleasantly surprised to be surrounded by LOADS of others, in fact I've never seen that many pregnant people in one room. And there was a good turn out of dads, albeit disgruntled dads (SA was playing rugby at the same time, oops!). 

We got goodie bags on arrival and I was blown away by how amazing they were!

They included Nuk bottles, Tommee Tippee dummies and a range of other mommy delights. The only 'wild card' was a Driving Manual, which I found quite strange! We all know how to drive by this point surely? Anyhoo...

The Seminar itself lasted 3 hours, with breaks in-between (pregnant women need to pee, a lot) and canapes and tea were served. The talks included subjects like birthing options, from womb to world and the 4th trimester. I found Megan Faure's lecture the best, she's the renowned author of the Baby Sense series and has years of experience. She pointed out the importance of creating a 'womb-like experience' for a newborn in the trimester following birth, everything from swaddling to white noise. Another interesting topic was that of colic, I'm sure we all know that poor mother that dealt with a colicky baby and barely lived to tell the sad tale. The advise given to us was that colic is often a symptom of overstimulation and NOT dietary reflux. Signs of overstimulation include the baby failing to make eye contact and crying (obvs). Also covered were topics like cord care, nappy rash and nasal congestion (joy). 

Basic overview is that I thoroughly enjoyed this Seminar and recommend it to any expectant mom. It's not preachy, it's not too long and it just gives you that edge in terms of trying to understand a newborn. Of course I haven't had the baby yet so I might be cursing Baby Sense next month if none of these tips work! But jokes aside, it was well worth it.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

My ♥ stopped at Mr and Mrs.

Wow. So beautiful! Came across these pieces on the Mr and Mrs blog today, designed by local designer Famke. Simple and such statement pieces! Here's what she had to say about her designs:

When designing what are you most inspired by, do you design your collections/ranges with a specific story behind them or do you simply make whatever you want?

I'm inspired by geometric shapes and angular lines as well as natural, more rustic objects (bones!!!). All of my bespoke and more intricate pieces have stories behind them, but my more simple things and mass produced jewels are just things I find pretty.

See the rest of her interview here

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Heartst♥p Mama Drama

I've been wanting to write this post for a while now. Before I found out I was pregnant, I had a 'magazine article idea' of what I thought it would be like. That idea was SO far from reality, and so I thought I'd share some of the things I've learned i.e. "What you don't expect when expecting".

The positives

  • The world loves a pregnant woman, and people will literally part the way and stop the traffic for you. This happened to me today, again. It's as if people are both cautious of you and protective over you, all at the same time, and it's surprisingly marvellous.
  • Strangers want to talk to you (this also comes into the negs later). I am slightly introverted in the sense that I won't jump to make unnecessary conversation with people I don't know. It takes me a while to warm to people and it's something I've always struggled with. Everyone, from the cashiers at Woolworths, to the old man in the post office, to the little boy in the car park, will talk you. It's quite amazing. They want to know how far along you are, whether it is a boy or a girl, whether it's your first, or in the case of the little boy - if there's a 'baby in there'. They want to comment on how you look, how low/high/small/big you are carrying. And all of them do it with warmth. You'll know what I mean if you've experienced it. It's has taken me by surprise once or twice, like today when the Woolies' cashier started up a conversation about how much she wants a baby and her husband isn't ready. Without warning you are thrown into chats like this. It's been amazing for me, drawn me out of my shell a bit.
  • People love buying baby clothes. And it's not about you, it's about them. There is some kind of projection that goes into baby buying, I've come to realise. People buy the things they would buy for their own babies, and each has a definite reason for why they bought you this SPECIFIC gift i.e. I've bought you this baby sleeping bag because I had one when I was little. I've had gifts from so many people, and I'm only 26 weeks. The generosity is overwhelming.
  • You have an 'out' whenever you need one. Our social schedule is hectic most of the time, and most of the time I love it. But sometimes I just want to go home early, and that's when the preggie perks kick in. You can be the first to leave and everyone understands. I imagine kids 'needing to get to bed' is a good excuse too at a later stage.
  • You'll detox like you've never detoxed before. No alcohol, no caffeine, no smoking (I'm not a smoker anyway). 9 months of eating well and taking more vitamins than you thought possible does wonders for you. It will be the healthiest time of your life, so avoid all these things for once. The time will come when you can indulge in all of them again, and will. Miss you caffe latte.
  • Incremental "getting to grips with things". Before I fell pregnant, I imagined that movement might feel alien, that my stomach might look grotesque, that my ankles would swell up and become 'cankles' and more...the truth is, you have so much time to adjust, each month brings some small new adjustment. But nothing is sudden. Well not for me anyway. You are pregnant for 9 months so that you can sort your life out slowly and not have to race to the finish line. It really was 'planned well'. 

The negs

  • Belly touchers. They're everywhere. Like a "Where's Wally" sea of hands coming at you. Ready to touch, jiggle, tap and stroke your belly. This has been a BIG adjustment :)
  • Maternity clothes. Or in this case, a SERIOUS lack thereof. Don't be fooled by the clothes in some of the major retailers, they were not designed for you, they were designed for aliens. There's a big gap in the market, please fill it someone! And yes, I know you can find nice stuff online, but I can't grasp spending that much when I'll be out of them in less than 3 months.
  • Not feeling 'quite yourself'. This seems like an obvious one. From hair to skin, to clothes, to lack of energy, to baby talk, to feeling 'frumpy'. 
  • Drunks. I miss having drinks with friends and having a good time. Being the only sober one past 11pm does not have any perks, is not fun, and is not advisable (unless you're knocked up).
  • You know you really should...SHUT UP! Mention the words 'pregnant' or 'babies' and the world is your expert. Everyone and their dog will give you advice. It's done out of love (must be said) but god knows it's the most annoying of the negs. I had a guy tell me the other day that 'the fitter you are, the easier your natural birth will be (because c-sections are a no-no), and you'll just pop the baby out in time for a mani and pedi'. Or something like that. Well buddy, last time I checked, overweight women the world over have given birth without even knowing they were pregnant. Pop. This story aside, people will bombard you with "use that nappy", "have a c-section definitely", "my cousin's mother's sister's gran's parrot said that breastfeeding makes your baby superhuman'. Or something like that.
This is a small peek into my life right now. I'd love to know any  positives and negatives other moms/preggie ladies have/had. So please drop me a mail, or comment on this post. 

In the end, we are all doing our best, and our best is best.


Wednesday, 1 August 2012

My ♥ stopped at the Mr Price Online Store

Social media is buzzing with news of the new Mr Price Online Store, so I HAD to check it out. I've always been a fan of Mr Price because they have a dedicated team that keeps up with street style, and we all know they won't break the bank.

I've put some of my favourite items up, but really there is a HUGE variety of clothing and accessories. This year has seen the rise of many online stores in SA and we are finally catching up (not there yet) with the rest of the world, where shopping online is the norm. 

Go and check out their latest collection here

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

My ♥ stopped at Hatch.

Elegant, feminine and chic. These are the perfect words to describe The Hatch Maternity Collection. And can we just have a moment for how cute that name is! There really is nothing like this in SA, and thank goodness for that because the pieces are pricey. It would be great if there was an affordable alternative though (without compromising on style). Love.

Visit Hatch here.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

My ♥ stopped at 36 Boutiques.

Some exciting news popped into my inbox this afternoon. 36 Boutiques (the fabulous online shopping destination) has created "The Hipster Boutique" – a collection of the essential items for any Hipster's wardrobe. What an interesting concept. I like.

That Nica bag! There are just no words...

This is what 36 Boutiques had to say about this boho move:

If you’re tired of all things mainstream, and you prefer sipping a craft beer and trawling vintage markets over weekends, there’s a strong possibility you’re a ‘Hipster’ or heading that way soon. To make your shopping experience more convenient, or to speed up the process and ensure you’re on-trend,, South Africa’s premier online fashion destination, has curated ‘The Hipster Boutique’.

While finding the perfect elements for the Hipster wardrobe can be a shopping nightmare in a mall, a carefully curated online boutique features the essential items grouped in one place. You will be able to select midi skirts, check shirts, brooches and brogues easily, and create ensembles that include craft rings, fedora hats and detachable collars.

I love the Hipster trend, and a I'm a BIG fan of brands like Missibaba so I think this is a move in the right direction for online shopping. And why not create 'niche wardrobes', it's the perfect way to find what you're interested in with one click.

Visit 36 Boutiques here.

Happy shopping readers


Tuesday, 10 July 2012

My ♥ stopped at Mama Mio.

Since I found out I was expecting a little boy, I have furiously been rubbing cream on my belly to avoid stretch marks. It's the one thing I REALLY want to try and avoid. A wonderful 'fellow mum' recommended Mama Mio to me and what a great recommendation it was! You'll find it at the Wellness Warehouse on Kloof (if you live in Cape Town), otherwise on their website. 

Mama Mio says this:

The yummiest, purest, creamiest, melt-in-your-skin butter we could possibly make.

Mama Mio pregnancy skincare products work because of their very high levels of Omega 3, 6 and 9 to ensure your skin has the best fighting chance against pregnancy stretch marks. One scoop and you'll know our Tummy Rub Butter deserves every award and accolade it has won.

It's completely delicious (please don't eat it) and leaves your skin very soft afterwards. The only catch is that it's not THAT cheap, i.e. about R400 BUT you don't need that much for each tummy rub so it'll last you a fair amount of time. 

You can pop over to their website here.

My ♥ stopped at DKNY Pure.

I was lucky enough to receive some DKNY Pure in the post from Fairlady magazine :) When it comes to fragrances, I am totally a creature of habit and I think I've been using 212 for about 10 years now (seriously). BUT I can say that this perfume really surprised me and I am now converted. The fragrance is reportedly built around the idea of 'a drop of vanilla in water' – how romantic! I just love that. And it's not just ANY drop of vanilla, but a drop of vanilla ethically sourced from a women’s agricultural project in Uganda; as part of a collaborative project. I like that it stems from a place of giving back, makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

DKNY Pure notes that in today’s fast-paced world, “you need a moment of calm, to find beauty in living simply”. I can really relate to this and feel like the world is slowly trying to go back to all that is simple. We are trying to get away from mobile phones, and Internet and deadlines and more deadlines. Pure is the perfect solution to modern day woes, try it, you'll love it like I did I'm sure. 

My ♥ stopped when I saw this :)

Sorry about the lack of posts recently readers. When you work at an agency and are booked on about 4 campaigns per week, time slips through your fingers and draws you away from hobbies like this. But on a happy note, I was asked to do a little write-up on 'my first car memory' for Glamour (above). Surprised and honoured that they featured it! Have always loved Glamour, filled with fabulous beauty treats and fashion delights.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

My ♥ stopped at Design Team Fabrics

This week has made me realise that there is a serious lack of nice fabric in Cape Town. It's so surprising because CT is such a 'designy city'. You get a lot of the same, and I'm going to be honest and say that many stores look like they're only selling curtain material from the 90's. But Design Team is different. I first came across their fabrics at Still Life home and decor and it was love at first sight. My home is scattered with beautiful pillows of theirs, the bunny and bicycle prints being my fave. 

The reason I started the search this week is because I want to cover a canvas in fabric. It's for the baby's room and it's above a bed. 

They have a stunning range of African and Nostalgic prints, if you feel like browsing, just go here.

All pics from Design Team's website.

Friday, 15 June 2012

M♥ma Drama: the toy box.

As I told you a couple of posts ago, I'm expecting a bundle soon. And in true a-type fashion, I've already started thinking about the nursery (amongst other things). I found a really amazing store called Kids Living in Northgate Mall (the one before Century City). They have all the things your bub could need but what impressed me most is they make up kids' furniture. 

I've decided to have a toy chest made for the baby's room, it's great storage for toys and can be used post-baby years but the main reason is, I remember having one as a kid. Nostalgia is a funny thing when you're having a baby, you begin digging up memories from childhood, like for me it's a spongy blue car seat (very 80's) and a blue chest that my toys lived in. So naturally I've made myself believe he'll love the toy chest as much as I did :) 

It's still a work in progress but here's what I've got so far. I'll post pics of the final product when I've got them.

His toy box is based on this one (also done for a customer):

As you can see, it's super minimalist. I've done this because it would be great to use after he's grown, and I can justify the price that way. They've left the gap so that he won't be able to slam his fingers (smart) and the lid goes down slowly, also a safety feature.

Next step is that I want to have vinyl stickers put on the side, to add a bit of fun. Here's the inspiration:

If you're looking for kids' furniture, cots, prams and all the bells and whistles of babyhood, then visit Kids Living. The toy box was very reasonable and I think it's beautiful :)

Which items do you remember from childhood? Was there something that stood out that you'd like to recreate for your little ones?


Thursday, 14 June 2012

My ♥ stopped at Of a Kind.

For more beautiful pieces (some of these are sold out unfortunately) go here.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

My ♥ stopped at Chica-Loca!

Feast your eyes on Chica-Loca's new Autumn/Winter range! 
Hawt hawt hawt!

Available at Cavendish Square.

Monday, 11 June 2012

My ♥ stopped when I found out I'm having a baby!

I'm very excited to tell you that I am expecting in November :) So much has happened in the last 5 months and I can't wait to share everything with you. Over the next few months you'll notice a new "mama drama" series on Heartstop, where I'll bring you all my baby inspiration from around Cape Town. Expect beautiful nursery pics and more, plus some honest writing about the highs and lows of the whole experience.

A happy me. xxx

Thursday, 7 June 2012

My ♥ stopped at Old Khaki.

I have fallen in love with Old Khaki! Their Winter range is superb this year. And the exciting news is that they've opened at the V&A Waterfront, so I don't have to schlep to Cavendish every time I need my fix. They have a great range of Winter essentials, skinny jeans and long cardigans, but their scarves always stand out for me. The best part is, most of the above only cost around R140! 

You can buy these online at 36 Boutiques too.