Monday, 6 June 2011

My ♥ stopped at Spoilt.

Could there be a better name for this salon? No I think not. Spoilt is exactly what you get from the moment you walk into this little piece of heaven. I went for my 6-weekly highlights update, plus a treatment, plus a blow-dry and my bill came to R450 (you're gasping right now).

Spoilt belongs to Shoneez Warrington, who also works in the salon and cuts hair. There are treatment rooms in the back, where you can get pretty much anything your heart desires done. The salon is beautiful to look at with pretty finishes all over the show. A very friendly lady will do your nails (with lovely Essie products) after which you can get your peddi on whilst reading the latest Vogue Mag (don't you hate it when all a salon has is parenting magazines from 3 years ago?).

Be good to yourself, love yourself, spoil yourself at Spoilt in Green Point. 

Contact Spoilt on (021) 424 7112 and ask for Adele, she's a magician. 


  1. STUNNING!!! Sorry I'm posting as Anonymous - stupid Blogger won't let me log in! I'm looking for a hairdresser so will definitely try Spoilt!!


  2. It's fab, you must try it! xxx