Wednesday, 1 June 2011

My ♥ stopped when I saw this wedding.

I woke up feeling excited about the wedding. The excitement creeps in when you least expect it to. When you plan your wedding a year after your engagement you go through 12 months of varying enthusiasm (I am discovering this). Obviously the 1st two or three months are pure elation and you (literally) can't stop thinking about every little detail. You rush (as you should in Cape Town)to book the BEST venue and the BEST photographer, and by my own admission you get very caught up in the aesthetics of it all. But then quiet descends for a bit. You have a few weeks/months of calm (necessary for your health me thinks) and you put the idea at the back of your mind, not out of mind, but not centre stage. And then one day in the middle of it all, you wake up with butterflies in your tummy, and you're not entirely sure why, and then you realise you're getting married, in 6 months and it's soon! You reflect on the last 6 months and realise how fast they've flown, and wish you could do them again. 

Time is a dressmaker specializing in alterations. 
 ~Faith Baldwin

I wish I could stop the train, pause everything for a while. Take it all in a little more. My heart is singing today. 

Pics from here.

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