Wednesday, 11 April 2012

My ♥ stopped at Woolworths.






We've all noticed the recent weather change. Colder in the mornings and the evenings, the urge to turn on the electric blanket at night. Winter is coming to Cape Town (even if most of Cape Town is still in denial). We're also in for some beautiful Winter days, the days when it's just chilly enough to wear boots and a cardigan, but not cold enough to turn your lips blue (that's still coming). I'm on the boot hunt again, and I always seem to migrate back to Woolworths for this. I've got my eye on the top pair of boots, I just need to convince myself that R1000 is worth it, like telling myself "I'll spend less on dinners out" or "I won't buy that face product", sigh, the lies we tell ourselves. They really do make great boots though. Woolworths used to be the store that made the basics, the kind of store you'd go to to buy that "white tee" or "those pajama pants". Times have definitely changed, and the game has definitely been upped with the help of Country Road and Trenery. I adore Country Road bags and shoes.

Get all of these and more, when you wander over here.


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