Wednesday, 4 April 2012

My ♥ stopped when I realised it's almost Easter.

What's everyone up to this Easter weekend? I hope you will all be spoilt rotten with Lindt Easter bunnies with bells around their necks (secret hope of mine). 

A few things I'll be getting up to this weekend:
  • Making a decision about whether to read "Freedom - Jonathan Franzen" or "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close - Jonathan Foer. I recently finished "Epilogue" by Mary Roiphe, it was everything and a slice of chocolate cake. Loved it in other words.
  • Reclining on the sofa to watch "The Beginners". Not 100% sure what it's about but the word is it's good.
  • Making potato salad with a feta, Bulgarian yoghurt and mustard dressing. A touch of salt and pepper. Wish me luck.
  • Meeting friends for a pizza. It's predicted to rain quite a bit this weekend so this will be the PERFECT evening. Snug and cosy and extra cheese.
  • Hanging pictures in the study. This is my Everest at the moment. I have some mental block towards doing it, so I will persevere and hopefully be able to show you the results.
  • Wake up ridiculously late on Monday morning, because I can! YIPPEEE!
Have a wonderful Easter all. May it be filled with friends, family and food. 3 ingredients for a happy life.


(image from Pinterest).

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