Friday, 15 June 2012

M♥ma Drama: the toy box.

As I told you a couple of posts ago, I'm expecting a bundle soon. And in true a-type fashion, I've already started thinking about the nursery (amongst other things). I found a really amazing store called Kids Living in Northgate Mall (the one before Century City). They have all the things your bub could need but what impressed me most is they make up kids' furniture. 

I've decided to have a toy chest made for the baby's room, it's great storage for toys and can be used post-baby years but the main reason is, I remember having one as a kid. Nostalgia is a funny thing when you're having a baby, you begin digging up memories from childhood, like for me it's a spongy blue car seat (very 80's) and a blue chest that my toys lived in. So naturally I've made myself believe he'll love the toy chest as much as I did :) 

It's still a work in progress but here's what I've got so far. I'll post pics of the final product when I've got them.

His toy box is based on this one (also done for a customer):

As you can see, it's super minimalist. I've done this because it would be great to use after he's grown, and I can justify the price that way. They've left the gap so that he won't be able to slam his fingers (smart) and the lid goes down slowly, also a safety feature.

Next step is that I want to have vinyl stickers put on the side, to add a bit of fun. Here's the inspiration:

If you're looking for kids' furniture, cots, prams and all the bells and whistles of babyhood, then visit Kids Living. The toy box was very reasonable and I think it's beautiful :)

Which items do you remember from childhood? Was there something that stood out that you'd like to recreate for your little ones?


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