Thursday, 13 June 2013

My ♥ stopped when I created it. The perfect little-man cave.

A couple of days back I wrote a post about being a book lover. It was on my mind because I was hunting for the perfect book shelf for my little boy. I didn't do the traditional nursery for him because I never felt connected to all that lace and baby-esque stuff. In my mind I always imagined creating the ultimate 'little boy's room' with rocket vinyls, Tin Tin posters, cars etc. This week I decided it was time to carve out a little-man cave for him :) And so the search began. And what a search it was. What I can tell you is that Cape Town is full of rubbish. Rubbish at every corner, rubbish in every so called 'Home' shop. There's nothing good for kids in this city. Well so I thought. I like simple, clean design, nothing patterned, nothing that's going to date. Just white and simple. And that's exactly what IKEA gave me! Ikea at Kids Living that is. The parts were packed separately and were super easy to assemble (that's why we love Ikea) and within 15 mins BOOM! There is was.

That photo is ridiculously skew! Forgive me. Just tilt your head like you've had too much wine and it'll be 100%.
So onto the pillows (how suburban I've become)...

My husband looks more excited about them than Daniel right? Ok so they weren't THAT cheap but I don't have millions of decorative pieces in his room so the R120/pillow was spent and forgotten, quickly. The cutest part is the number plate on the car that says 'Hiccups' (I die!).

The Tin Tin posters I got lucky with. I found them for a fab R75 each at Garden Centre! Who knew Garden Centre could be good for anything! Don't look for these kinds of prints online, they'll cost you a bazillion rand and that's without the postage. It's a pleasure.

Now that that's done I'm moving onto the hunt for vinyl...will post more about this as soon as I've found the right pic to paste onto a giant canvas above his bed. 

Anyone got any sites that I should be visiting to find wall stickers? (Let's hope that's not a call to action for millions of spam sites).

Happy Thursday.

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