Sunday, 2 June 2013

♥ Stop is back.

It's been a while hasn't it? 

I've neglected my little spot on the web and can only apologize to those who religiously came to check if I had updated. 

The truth is having a baby and working like a maniac in the advertising world has meant that many of my past pleasures have been neglected. But that's all about to change. 

The last 7 months have been life-changing, obvious, but true. From the moment we brought him home, nothing and I mean NOTHING was the same. Nothing was the same in the sense that my heart was living outside my body in the shape of a 3.2 kilo, Mick Jagger-lipped bundle of awesome. Nothing was the same in that there were times that were so hard. Parenthood is such a yin yang of emotion. With every good thing comes something bad and vice versa. The learning then is that when the times are tough the sun is just around the corner, and when it's sunny, the clouds move in. Cheesy but oh so true.

It's also a massive lesson in patience. I'm an A-type solutions-based individual and a Copywriter, which means I find solutions to client's problems on a daily basis. I enjoy it. Apply this to a baby? No. Not possible, not even remotely possible. For every tear you imagine there is a quick-fix, a 'I'll just do this and he'll sleep through'. Instead you find yourself rocking them at 2 in the morning not knowing how long it will last or if you'll sleep at all, ever again. You learn how to be present, because it's all you have. And it can be lonely. 

You know this isn't the end of the story right? The experience is bigger than anything I've been through, and I'll put all my chips on the table and guess that it's the biggest thing I'll ever do. You surprise yourself at how much love you can hold for another person, how other-worldy it is and how amazing it is. They smile, they laugh chesty full-bodied laughs. They are innocent, excited by the small things and just when you think you can't love them anymore they surprise you and learn a new skill, hungry for life.

You get to teach them the things you learnt as a child, read them the stories your mom read you. You build who they are. 

Fashion blogger turned mommy blogger. I hope you'll enjoy the new Heartstop journey.


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