Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Giveaway Heartst♥pper: Munch!

Munch, munch, munch is all I want to do when I look at these pics! Today's giveaway is from Munch food and cakes, the brainchild of Emma Liebenberg, a graduate of the esteemed Silwood Kitchen. 

What does Munch do?

Munch caters for small functions, such as sit-down dinners, gourmet picnics, cocktail parties, brunches, high teas and any other kind of event you would like hassle-free, mouthwatering food for. We can deliver the dishes to your home or venue, or you can collect them at the Munch headquarters, depending on your preferences and the nature of the function. Menus are tailor-made for each client, based on your specific needs and tastes.

Cupcakes are so in fashion at the moment, perfect for tea with a friend, a pamper party or a wedding! I've been lucky enough to come into contact with a Munch sweet delight and I can tell you heaven does exist on earth. I love what Emma had to say about the Munch philosophy...

One of the wonderful roles of food and cakes is to get people to stop running around, gather together and be happy. Ingredients are very important, specifically seasonal and, wherever possible, local. Finally, a balance of simplicity and playfulness is used in creating Munch’s food and cakes.



1. Visit the delicious Munch website(here).
2. Leave a comment below this post telling me why YOU deserve these treats.

*The winner will be chosen randomly and announced on Monday. 


  1. Okay my heart has officially stopped this time.

    You simply must give me these cupcakes, and here's why: everyone claims to love cupcakes, but then, everyone claims to love Natalie Portman, and Country Road snoods, and Nomu hot chocolate. But the word love should not be used so lightly.

    To love a cupcake is to savour it from the first eyeful, to be sent into transports of delight at the perfection of its form, its twirls of icing, its tiny decorations. Finally, when you work up the nerve to destroy its visual perfection, and bite into it, you cannot help but be seduced by its sweet, creamy icing, contrasted with the light, comforting bliss of its cakey base. To love a cupcake properly, is to remember every bite, long after its been swallowed, and fizz about in happiness the rest of the day at the sheer memory of its bite-sized, baked heavenliness.

    And you're giving away 12 of these? Be nice, send them my way...

  2. If i win i will share this delicious giveaway with my studio :)

  3. Oh my goodness, I was just thinking how odd it is that I always crave cake. ALWAYS! I even tweeted about it yesterday. I may have a problem. I think the only cure would be cake :) Okay, I have to stop looking at this pics cause I'm starting to drool on my desk.

  4. I deserve this incredibly delicious treat since it's warm and sunny in Cape Town these days and the perfect opportunity to head out to Kirstenbosch for a little picnic with all my girls.

    These cakes will go perfectly with some Chardonnay and good company :)

  5. i'm just a girl that loves cupcakes, who considers them an essential part of her daily diet. these look fab, so yes please :)

  6. Considering that I have just drooled all over my keyboard, much to the disgust of my colleagues, I think I now need to make it up to them by offering them one....saying that, I think my Hubby would prefer it if we had a duvet and cake day and just scoffed the lot together....meh....my intentions were good.
    It's the frosting you see, I can't help but get tumble rumbles just thinking about it.
    I'm on the verge of eating my PC screen.

  7. I'm starving and a chocoholic and proud of it!!!
    I can't survive without icing and water. Please help by choosing me:)

  8. Wow, yummy looking treats.

    I think I deserve the cupcakes to celebrate the fact that I finally got a new job (which I start next week). As far as I am concerned, cupcakes are the best way to celebrate any big moment in your life :)


  9. I recently lost 35kg over a period of 8 months. When I finally got rid of all the fat and thought that I could start a new life, my doctor diagnosed me with hypoglycemia – a condition where I have constant low blood pressure. Most of the days I cope well with my condition, but other days I faint with no warning. It's quite embarrassing. I have to constantly eat a couple of sweets to keep my blood pressure up.

    When I saw your post, I thought I'd enter it. Just think: if I win 12 cupcakes, I can eat them over a period of 12 days which, in turn, will keep my blood sugar up. Not only did your heart STOP when you saw these, but you can make my fainting STOP too! :) No (blood) pressure!

  10. Because Munch created HEAVEN when she started baking her devine white chocolate ganache cupcakes.....

  11. Zana said....

    I deserve these because I can't make them as nice as MUNCH and I LOVE Vanilla and I LOVE Chocolate!!!!!!! So PLEASE give them to ME!!!!!!

  12. Oooh these look so good. Perfect for a bit of winter indulgence!

  13. Hmmm.. I think these cupcakes would look great sitting in my home, at a mid winter girlie get together or even for the office as a little treat for all!Pick me... Amy W

  14. I sit in an office with no windows with my door facing a wall. I think i can easily hide beneath my desk and chomp away merrily without having to share at all ;)

  15. I am hungry...

  16. It's Friday. The weather is amazing and these little delights are just what a girl needs in her picnic basket when heading to Kirstenbosch with her favourite people...

  17. MUNCH made my cakepops for my wedding, and today still, my friends and family are talking about how FABULOUS our wedding cake was!

    I've also had the honour of tasting Munch's yummy decadent-choc-chip-cookies, so i'm rising to the 7th heaven as i'm dreaming of the taste of Munch's cupcakes melting in my mouth.
    As for sharing them.... I dunno hey....