Wednesday, 21 September 2011

My ♥ stopped at Country Road.

I love Country Road. In brand terms, it's so 'sure of who it is'. By this I mean, you know exactly what type of style you're going to get each time you walk in. Even the colour palette is well thought out. How cute is this little number? It looks so comfortable and the simple use of the two colours makes it super chic and almost architectural. I picked these shoes to go with it, a comfy wedge, easy to maneuver on cobblestones or other tough surfaces. There's nothing worse than wobbling along on stilettos, and looking ridiculous, I love the ease of wedges. The outfit is also dying for a chunky bracelet, which I'm sure Woolies would also have covered. Very beaut, very now, I think.

(Pics from Woolies)

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