Tuesday, 27 September 2011

My ♥ stopped at Marion and Lindie.

Calling the ghost of Frida Kahlo...

The shoes, oh the shoes!

Marion & Lindie has always been one of my faves. And it's OBVIOUS why! I recently wandered into the Cavendish store to buy a dress for my friend's wedding and honestly almost had to phone my 'sponsor' to come and drag me out before I maxed out every card I have. Literally, everything is beautiful. What I love the most is that the dresses are simple enough to wear during the day and night. Also, their famous 'wrap the material' dresses are still around, I had a panic attack when someone told me they were phasing them out. Basically these dresses have long pieces of material attached to them that you can wrap over your shoulders, under your bust to make a Grecian ensemble, or even just tie in a knot and drape. Oh the many ways you can wear a Marion and Lindie dress! Every time I buy one of their dresses, I feel like I'm investing in a timeless piece, that I know I'll be wearing in 5 year's time, how many stores can you say that about? No didn't think so. 

(Pics from the Marion and Lindie Spring/Summer 2011 collection)

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