Sunday, 15 January 2012

My ♥ stopped at Goedgedacht

2012 is the year of making healthy choices (this is what I've decided anyway). And one undeniable way of doing this is choosing foods that benefit you in some way, like olives. Rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, olives prevent heart disease and maintain healthy cholesterol levels, and let's be honest they're just yum.

Goedgedacht top quality, extra virgin olive oil should definitely be on your shopping list, if it isn't already. They have a range of goodies (found in major Pick n Pay stores) which include olives and delicious dressings, tried and tested by moi. The best part is, you are supporting a community based programme, aimed at strengthening people and helping them out of poverty.  

The Goedgedacht Trust is concerned with issues of poverty as it effects the lives of the rural poor. It is particularly interested in the needs and aspirations of new farmers and farm workers from previously disadvantaged communities.
The Goedgedacht Trust should also have an abiding interest in climate change and the future of our world, for without it there would be no future for our children.

Visit their website (here) if you want to check out all the other good stuff they're up to. 

So next time you've got the hostess-block (happens to me a lot) and need that extra something to dazzle your guests, try one of their dressings. Here's a recipe to inspire you.

Thai Beef with Blueberry Dressing

1 kg beef fillet or rump
Goedgedacht blueberry vinegar dressing
Extra virgin olive oil
2 red onions
1 red pepper
Tom yum Goong
Cabbage marinated in the blueberry dressing
Julienned carrots
Coconut cream /milk
Jasmine rice
Rice paper
Dipping Sauce Ingredients:
Sweet plum sauce
Goedgedacht Blueberry Dressing
Ponzu sauce
Soy sauce
Chillies (optional)
Cut the fat off the beef and give to cats. Cut up and marinade strips of beef fillet and rump in vinegar for 8 hours.
Galangal (Thai spice in powder or root form – we used both. Soaked the root in boiling water all afternoon and used 1 cup of the flavoured water in the mix).
Flash fry in hot oil. Add red onions, red peppers, carrots, galangal, 1 sachet of Tom Yum Goong and cook for a few minutes.  Vegetables should stay firm/crisp.  Add tin of coconut cream or milk. Wrap in rice paper.
Mix the sweet plum sauce, Goedgedacht blueberry vinegar dressing, ponzu sauce and soy sauce in equal parts for dipping sauce for the rice paper parcels.
Serve with Jasmine rice.
Serves 6.
For added heat, put some chillies in vinegar and  put on top.
Could also include broccoli, or chopped green beans.
Will work for chicken or prawns as well. For a sweeter flavour for chicken, add a can of drained mielies.
Order your Goedegedacht oils (here). 
Happy cooking everyone! 

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