Monday, 30 January 2012

My ♥ stopped in our office

We are in the process of doing up our study at home. We moved into our home a good while ago, and I had all good intentions of decorating each room within the first couple of months. It didn't go as planned. Our study is the only room in the house that is empty and unloved. I think it's because I've been waiting to find the 'perfect' pieces for it, and have now realised that I need to go on a hunt in CT to find these things. I've made it my project now. I've found some office inspiration...

All pics courtesy of Pinterest (but of course). 

There's one thing I'm looking for in particular, a brass lamp. Something in the same family as these...

I think I might do a before and after series. We're having a desk custom-made, and still need to create a photo wall, plus have to decide whether to do a book shelf or floating shelves. So many decisions, so little cash flow ha ha. I put the lamp out to the panel on Twitter this morning and got some good store recommendations, one of which was Vamp, so I'll be heading to check it out soon. 

Feel free to leave me some store suggestions for anything office-like. I would appreciate the help.


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