Wednesday, 11 January 2012

My ♥ stopped at Hanky Panky.

Nothing makes me happier than fetching a parcel from the post office. There is something about handing in the slip, waiting in anticipation and finally opening it up at home to see what's inside. Good old-fashioned rush I say. I was lucky enough to experience this rush a couple of times this holiday and can't wait to tell you about some of the loveliness I received. The first of which was Hanky Panky underwear.

Loved by Blake Lively and Cameron Diaz, Hanky Panky thongs are just the ultimate in comfortable, stylish underwear. And they're celebrating their 25th Anniversary. I found the packaging fun and loved that I got an orange pair and a beige pair (different colours for different moods, you know the drill). The best part about Hanky Panky is that you literally feel like you aren't wearing underwear, and god knows, having the wrong underwear on can ruin your day. Hanky Panky is produced in New York, but never fear an online site is near! 

2012 is clearly the year for online shopping. And why not? The truth is sometimes you don't feel like sitting in traffic or dealing with the mania attached to some shopping malls. The Hanky Panky site (here) is user friendly and home to some beautiful underwear. 

"Hanky Panky has led the way for women’s lingerie and intimate apparel since its beginnings 25 years ago. The Hanky Panky underwear line has remained true to its flirty and fun roots by creating pieces that reflect that same spirit, such as the quintessential Hanky Panky thong. Hanky Panky continues to improve the quality, comfort and fit of their products as the company continues to grow."

Tried and tested, I can tell you this underwear is fab girls.


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