Friday, 13 January 2012

My ♥ stopped at yuppiechef

I'm making it my duty to tell you all about my online shopping experiences this year, mainly because it's fairly new to me. As you know I got married last year (wedding post to come) and received an 'early wedding gift' from yuppiechef. I thought this was a great marketing idea and literally couldn't get to a computer fast enough to try it out. What yuppiechef didn't know was that I am a kitchen tools addict, with more plastic cutting boards and multicolored pasta strainers than guests. I go completely weak at the knees for Joseph Joseph anything and I can't get enough of Le Creuset. Obviously these things don't come cheap so really it's a luxury purchase for me. Anyway I digress. So I logged on to and decided to get us a Scanpan 3 stage blade sharpener with the R250 voucher. We have many knives waiting for revival in our house.

Love the copy on this! Very cute...

I cannot stress enough how intuitive the yuppiechef site is, it's so user-friendly and I love that you can shop by price, because when you're on a budget there's nothing worse than scanning over everything you can't afford! The purchasing process was super easy, requiring me to type in my voucher number, fill in my delivery address et voila! 

I timed them, I did, I know it's wrong but I wanted to see how well this company delivers. And they delivered! Early! Less than 24 hours and a happy me was furiously opening a package in the office.

A handwritten note, what a fantastic touch. And not just a 'thanks from the team' rush job, but a full on, 'nice choice on your spanking new blade sharpener, we wish you many happy cooking moments, bye for now, Sam and the yuppiechef team.' 

If you love your kitchen like I do and you are constantly searching for creative kitchen tools, then get your Martha Stewart on and stop by yuppiechef (here), it's well worth it. Let me know your thoughts. 

Pancakes and syrup to all of you.


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