Tuesday, 7 February 2012

My ♥ stopped in the 90's

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In 1990 I was 6 years old. Class 1 as they used to call it. I remember so much about the way my mom dressed back then, probably because she was one of the only things in my scope of reference at that age. My mom had a shoulder length perm, and wore an oversized jersey and some tights on my first day of school. The jersey was knitted, with a pattern on it. And the tights still resembled the 80's. I used to sit on her bed and watch her do her make-up, one of the most therapeutic things, and something I still enjoy when I go home. I remember watching my mom and dad getting ready to go out to dinner parties, my mom with shoulder pads and a sequined bag. And I used to wish that I was big enough to go with them. On Saturdays, they played tennis with their friends at the Hilton club, and my mom used to wear 'skorts' or shorts mixed with a skirt. 

Mid 90's I remember my mom falling in love with hats. She wore them when we went to town. She and I would go and get a coffee (me a Fanta Grape) at a small coffee shop near where my dad worked. Back then going to town seemed like a big excursion for me. In the car on the way home, she used to play the Modern Talking cassette and I would sing along in the back. My friends and I used to make up dances to songs like 'No Limit' and then perform them for whoever would watch (I'd forgotten how embarrassing the 90's were).

These memories have come flooding back since I noticed the 90's fashion trend, creeping up on us one high-wasted skirt at a time. I actually think it's very feminine, and feels more ethereal than the 'in your face' 80's. 

What are some of your memories? I love a story from a time gone by...

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