Monday, 20 February 2012

Jewellery He♥rtstopper: Collect Coins

Today I received a mail about Collect jewellery's latest range, the Vintage Coin Collection.

I think there's is something so romantic about coins, layered in memories and intricate in design. Some people collect them or have them passed down to them. Others have memories about what certain coins meant to them at some time in their lives. Me, I remember getting R2 from my mom in junior school, I remember that this R2 could go very far, and could buy me many things at the tuck shop. Now, it's almost too little to tip a car guard. But then it was my treasure.

Collect's new range is definitely something to consider when getting someone a special gift, something sentimental yet current. I also LOVE the pocket-watch-style silver chains. 

 ''... Consider the journey of  coin, the tales it could tell, the people it has seen, carrying with it a collection of precious memories over time....the French Franc that bought an entry to the MoulinRouge, an Indian Rupee that perhaps Ghandi purchased spices with, the Mexican Peseta that Frida Khalo bought roses with, or even the South African Cent that passed through the hands of our Grandparents? How precious to have and hold a piece of such exquisite history..."

The small tikkie starts at R600 and goes up to +- R1200 for the XL ones. Perfect as an extra-special gift for an extra-special someone. 

The best part is, you can bring in your own coin and have it set,  which makes it even more special and relevant.


Find Collect Jewellery here xxx 

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