Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Beauty Heartst♥pper: Paul Mitchell The Conditioner.

Let me start by saying I ♥ my GHD, it has almost completely eliminated the chance of a 'really bad hair day'. But! And this is important, when you use a GHD, a hair dryer or any bleaching techniques, you NEED a good conditioner. Recently I've been trying to explain the difference between 'need' and 'want' to my fiancé;)
I've found that a leave-in works the best. I've also found that Paul Mitchell works the best. I mean, it's called THE Conditioner for a reason.

The smell is amazing and it doesn't leave your hair looking dirty - the I've left too much conditioner in look. Instead it removes any frizz, static, improves hair texture and stops the hair drying out. If you indulge in one special purchase this month, make it this one. Get yours for R190 (remember it'll last a long time because you only use a little). 

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