Tuesday, 24 May 2011

My ♥ stopped when I wore blue.

Beautiful room found here

To-die-for Manolo Blahnik wedding shoes found here

I adore this skirt! More here

From here

Super cool from lookbook

These Essie colours are fantastic for Winter!

Icy blue cupcake deliciousness 
Blue is my favourite colour for Winter. Apparently blue actually causes the body to produce calming chemicals, and causes the opposite mood to red. Do you believe in all this? Have you ever wondered why you like the colours you do? Blue makes me think of childhood, napping in the afternoon and lazy Sunday mornings. I adore it.


  1. if i could eat this cupcake my day would be MUCH better!


  2. I think that cupcake would brighten anyone's day :) Hope it improves! xxx