Monday, 16 May 2011

Heartst♥p Bucket List

So recently I guest blogged on this lovely blog. Each week one lucky blogger gets to post their Bucket List, here's mine. Enjoy.

1. Marry the person who’s made me happy for the last 4.5 years on 17 December. Planning my wedding has been a completely dreamy experience. My hope for the day is that I can just let go and relish each moment, because moments are precious and fleeting, like shooting stars.

2. Have a library in my house. My ♥ affair with books began early. I adore bookstores, second-hand bookstores, pretty much any written material I can get my hands on. I’d like a library with a ladder that swings from side to side à la Beauty and the Beast.

3. Have a place for my boots - One of my grievances in life is not having the space to hang all tops and display all boots. I think Carrie has set the bar for women the world over. 

4. Visit the Taj Mahal - The only real architectural symbol of eternal ♥, built by a tenacious man for the love of his life. I am so taken by this story, it makes me believe in romance and forever, and we all need a little romance. I need to see India at least once in this lifetime, to catch a glimpse of the tigers, walk the markets and tap into the pulse of this colourful place. 

5. Have at least 1 child - And teach them kindness. And teach them to love books as much as I do.

6. Look at bubbles with different eyes - I want to be able to look at something like I’m looking at it for the first time.

7. Master Yoga - Just once I’d like to do a headstand for longer than a few seconds. Without images of serious injury going through my mind.

8. Watch old movies - This is a secret pleasure of mine. Best enjoyed with buttery, salty popcorn.

9. Wear a Brazilian bikini - I’m going to Thailand at the end of the year (YAY!) and my aim is shake what my mama gave me in a Brazilian bikini. I’m usually self-conscious, but not this time.

10. Put energy into Heartstop - I love blogging, I hope that my blog brings happiness to people. I wanted to create a site that you enjoy reading whilst drinking your morning coffee. My rule: no negativity, only loveliness.

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  1. Great idea for a blog! I look forward to being an avid follower :-)